About The Word Man (Dan Serro)

To those who visit me here is a little about me:

I was born in New York City and lived in Miami, Florida.

I was a poet and have self published 4 books of poetry,
so far.

I created a two “Free Jazz” record labels in the 1970’s.
“Kharma Jazz Records” and “Danola” records.

I was also known for having a very large record collection.

I had 75,000 jazz and blues records and another 10,000
classical records.

I created a listing which had all the information from all these records… including the titles, leaders names, names of the albums, the musicians names and the song titles.

If you like my poetry and would like to get a copy of one or all of my
books they can be gotten the following ways.

The newest book “Life, Love, Time And Death” can be bought online or from me
directly and I will be happy to autograph it for you.

All four books can be bought at my store on blurb.com.

You can preview 8 pages of poetry from each book before you buy.

Driblets of the Mind
To Search is to Find
The Mist of Life: poetry to think and live with

The records that are not out of print can also be bought from
me directly as long as I have copies left.

The ones on Kharma Jazz Records are:

Burton Greene/Keshavan Maslak “Coffee Machine” PK 6.

Steve Lacy/Kenny Davern “Unexpected” PK 7.

Gunter Hampel “Flying Carpet” PK 8.

Butch Morris “In Touch….”But Out Of Reach” PK 9.

On the Danola label:
David Murray/Fred Hopkins/Stanley Crouch
Live At The Peach Church” Danola 0001.

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